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Private detective Agency "PI - Service" was created as a professional investigative structure, operating on the principles of the Code of the detective agency, both in Ukraine, CIS countries, and worldwide. We are an independent private detective agency in Ukraine and provide you with only relevant and reliable information rather than summaries of the old database, as it usually occurs when applying to traditional service.

Our private investigations, and professional detective services and checks is carried out by professionals of our detective agency, who have more than 13 years of age are engaged in related activities. Detective Agency "PI - Service" is one of the leading detective agencies in the CIS. Detective Agency "PI - Service" secures an individual private detective to investigate each case. Services of the private investigators of our detective agency are individual, during the investigation of fraud, finding people and organizations, information gathering, checking the real estate and vehicles.

We provide specific research, complex and basic background check, surveillance, GPS/GSM tracking, check of the various data base, the search for missing persons, in Ukraine and CIS countries, check integrity of business partners, customers, and many other activities. We provide information: about the person, company, made the check of information, business intelligence and competitive intelligence, conducted automotive expertise, fingerprint examination, etc.; search for witnesses the incident; search of property; checking alibis, as well as many other services. This is not a complete list of services provided by private detective agency "PI - Service". Full list of our services, you can see on our SERVICES PAGE.

If you ordered our investigative services in Ukrainian detective agency "PI - Service", our professional private detectives to quickly clarify the situation and take coordinated countermeasures.

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